What’s Your Soup?

I love the process of preparation in advance of a snowstorm. The beer, the wine, the milk, the bread, the movies, the frozen pizza.  All the “usual suspects.”

Some put on their long johns and boots, grab the sled and saucer, and head out to do the things in the snow that make adults feel and act like children. Others stock up on books for long sessions of suspended reality in a comfortable corner. And there are those who line the sofa for a group TV binge on something new or an old favorite.

However you make the most of a snow day, one this is certain. You must have soup!  

Yesterday I made bean with ham, potato, onion, and carrot. I’m thrilled that it tasted pretty close to the classic Campbell’s Bean w/Bacon, and not so thrilled that I didn’t pay closer attention when measuring the ingredients. Never was one to follow the recipe like it was a science formula. I prefer to use the ingredient list and directions more as a “suggestion.” Therefore, nothing ever tastes the same, except for the cornbread recipe which I have memorized.

So, what kind of soup did YOU make today?

Ginger B

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