My Life In Horsepower

In the novel, A Man Called Ove, the lead character marks the phases of his life by the car he was driving at the time. For him it was always a Volvo, sometimes a sedan, or a hatchback, or a wagon.

My life in horsepower has not been brand loyal like Ove. I’ve gone from American to Japanese, to Swedish, then German, and back to American. My 2008 gold Subaru Outback was my most faithful steed, with  four-wheel drive that me feel fearless, and capacity that allowed us to pack it to the max. When Melvin and I left Cape Breton, the Subaru was packed up to the dashboard and hauled back to Georgia on a trailer behind the truck.

That was 10 years ago. With our future filled with daytrips, side trips, and long distance road excursions, Melvin decided it was time to trade. He wanted a little more comfort and a few bells and whistles, so the Subaru stayed on the dealer’s lot and the Ford Fusion came home.

With my new ride, Fonda deFord. Just like any other 4-door, white sedan, except Fonda sports the writer’s words of warning in the back window!


My biggest regret. I forgot to take the CD’s out of the player. By the time I realized it, the car was already gone to the next owner. So, a shout-out to the Saint Joe Class of 1965. Anyone out there willing to burn a set of the 50th Reunion mix for me?

Nothing can beat that hand-picked selection of music compiled by Dean Daniels, (grad by marriage to classmate Linda Kemper.) This group of CD’s is a time capsule of song capturing our days of house parties, school dances, and transistor radios tuned to WKEE Radio.  Ive been behind the wheel for over 50 years. Some of those wheels have been standard, some automatic. Some luxurious, some with jammed doors and may-pop tires.

But, no matter where I am and what I’m driving, when I hear Louie Louie, my mind circles back to the first Ford.

It was a red Mustang convertible, 1964 ½ .




Ginger B

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